Avea Projects

i2i delivered many projects within the BSS/OSS directly or through its partners to Avea. In the recent periods i2i and Avea have strength their partnership and i2i will take further major roles in Avea’s new challenging projects.

Avea is Turkey’s sole GSM 1800 operator with about 12 million subscribers. Offering services to 96.58% of Turkey’s population through its next generation network.

Sample Deliveries

  • Many BSCS6 – BSCSiX Kernel/Non-Kernel DCR Deliveries
    PM, Architecture, Adaptation, Integration, Migration
  • BSCSiX Convergence Project
    PM, Architecture, Implementation, Integration
  • Application Migration due to H/W Change (Hp to Sun)
    BSCS Adaptation
  • Promotions System
    Architecture, Development, Test
  • BSCS On-Site Support
    Responsibility of on-site support together with Ericsson.
  • On Demand Discount Balances Legal Enquiry System
  • New Add-on for Threshold Billing