Change Management

In today’s dynamic IT World, change happens. The problem is managing that change successfully in an ever-increasingly complex environment, especially when handling high volumes of digital assets and activity requests coming from multiple stakeholders within Network Operators, Solution Providers.

i2i’s Software Change Management methodology allows organizations to control, communicate and respond more effectively to rapidly changing business demands. Furthermore, these integrated configuration and change management capabilities can be easily expanded across all phases of the application development lifecycle, including IT project and portfolio management, requirements definition & management (RDM), analysis and design, and lifecycle quality management. The result is better visibility, increased responsiveness, greater predictability and improved software applications and systems.

i2i’s Change Management Methodology helps your organization remain agile and responsive to shifting business needs by enabling you to:

  • Follow process-driven work practices, focused on controlled activity,
  • Specify, validate and communicate changing requirements, plans, resources and software deliverables quickly and simultaneously to related teams,
  • Track and manage change activities associated with applications, while maintaining traceability between them.