Managed Services

Typical Managed Services range from 3 to 5-years agreement, Telecommunication companies use managed services billing and customer care solutions to improve and streamline its customer support and billing services. The telecom billing solution typically automates and supports all aspects of customer service, from customer service set-up and account management to billing. The telco billing software provides Service Providers with the latest in billing and customer care capabilities through managed services arrangement whereby the billing software company maintains and operates the billing application in its data center.

This arrangement is especially beneficial to telecommunications companies that want an alternative to the escalating costs of enhancing and supporting an in-house legacy customer information system (CIS), or to those looking for an alternative to expending considerable capital upfront to purchase a new third-party CIS software application only to have to continue to bear the full cost of supporting and improving the application in-house.

Under a managed services agreement, telecom billing software companies operate and maintain service provider’s billing application with a dedicated program support group at the telco billing’s company offices and data center. This group is responsible for day-to-day operations support, problem fixes, system enhancements, release/version control, test and development platforms, business process help desk, and technical support (help desk and “how to” support).