Interoperability Tests

Most telecom services are delivered to the end users or device via a complex network system consisting of a number of platforms and often operated by a number of different parties. Each call or service event will usually involve user devices and device applications, access networks, core networks, service platforms (e.g. Intelligent Network), billing system and other network and service entities. In order to ensure that the service meets the stated specifications it is therefore important to test that the service works from the end device through to the other end or service.

i2i has a vast experience of end to end testing of telecom services, including voice, data, messaging and content services. i2i is also trusted by a number of Network Operators to test their network products and services, carrying out the following activities:

  • Analysis of vendor specifications for new service
  • Test strategy
  • Test planning
  • Writing test specifications for new features
  • Test execution (new features and regression)
  • Test reporting