Tariff and Billing Tests

Customer care and billing systems are key system in any service provider’s organization. Each new product or feature will usually require some upgrade or change to be made to both the provisioning and billing systems. It is crucial to address the requirements of each user or stakeholder when carrying out upgrades or changes. In a typical Network Operator the following parties are stakeholders in the systems:

  • Customers
  • Customer care
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Finance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Interfaces and APIs to other systems

By thorough testing each stakeholder can be satisfied that the upgrade has either delivered the requested changes and has not adversely affected the system from their viewpoint.

i2i has been working extensively with mobile operators to test upgrades to their provisioning and billing systems. Typically, i2i works closely with an operator and i2i will carry out the following activities:

  • Analysis of operator feature requests and vendor specifications for new product
  • Test strategy
  • Test planning
  • Writing test specifications for new features
  • Test execution
  • Test reporting