Initially the evolution of mobile networks started with mobile voice. Messaging was the second step, followed by internet access whenever and wherever needed. All through 2G to 4G, the focus has been mostly on the end consumers, or in other terms users. Furthermore, network operators always expected the network to be “better, faster and cheaper”, which is still valid for 5G – operators want the network to be “better, faster and cheaper” without compromising any of these three elements. There is still a consumer demand for the bandwidth that is needed for 4K and 8K video streaming, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), among other use cases. However, the drivers for 5G go much further with the requirements raised by vertical market sectors. Vertical industries and applications do have extremely diverse requirements with regards to throughput, latency, reliability, number of connections, security and revenue. Meeting these requirements through 5G will provide remote/motion control and monitoring of devices like robots, machine-to-machine communication, connected ambulance including Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications, autonomous vehicles, connecting sensors and farming machines, etc. The drivers for the mobile industry is shifting from connecting people, to a “connected world” meaning connecting everyone and everything at any time.

It is evident that the 5G network platform will fundamentally change the way societies innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably. This revolution has already started as some countries and network operators already started providing services on 5G networks.

In order to assist operators and vertical industries in this transformation race, i2i has been working on the following 5G network products.

5G Products

Core Network

5G technology is the next milestone in the evolution of wireless telecommunications systems...
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One of the many challenges for a telecom operator is to operate their network at lowest cost while...
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One of the many challenges for a telecom operator is to operate their network at lowest cost while keeping it...
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Mission Critical Services

i2i MCPTT enables mobile network operators and partners to target growth opportunities in many industries...
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