i2i Charging Function Gateway(CHFG) provides  CSPs that demand an interface 5G Service-Based Architecture with existing 4G/LTE OCS systems without any significant change to the legacy charging backbone.

i2i CHFG Gateway Architecture
i2i CHFG is a gateway between 5G Service-Based Architecture and legacy 4G/LTE backbone.

  • Converts HTTP2/JSON messages coming from 5G Core Networks to diameter messages and sends them to existing 4G/LTE Charging Backbone.
  • Converts diameter messages coming from 4G/LTE charging backbone to HTTP2/JSON messages and sends them to 5G Core Networks.
  • nChf interface , fully 3GPP-compliant TS 32.290 TS 32.291 release 16.4.
  • Diameter interface , fully 3GPP-compliant TS 29.230 V13.5.0.
  • Multiple instances with stateless load balancing/sharing
  • Hardware-agnostic solution, supporting NFV and OpenStack