Implemented one of the biggest provisioning solution deployment (40M Subscribers) in the Europe GSM market and listening to customer views and requirements for functionality with ease of operation, i2i has developed a new provisioning product called StarGate. It is really easily done if you do it with StarGate!

One of the major problems in operators is inconsistency between different systems such as rating & billing, CRM, HLR and other network nodes. In asynchronous provisioning implementations, the initiating system does not always get a notification if the provisioning request is successfully completed. Key feature of Stargate is that it supports synchronous provisioning and full rollback mechanism when the request cannot be successfully completed in any one of the nodes. With this feature, initiating system ensures that all provisioning is completed in all required nodes, and if an error occurs in one of the provisioning nodes, then a clean rollback on all nodes can be done, with no inconsistency between any of the nodes.

Adherence to standards

FCBS follows industry standards by 3GPP and TMFORUM assuring long term product life. The components are developed compliant with eTOM, SID and TAM frameworks.

Integration Capabiliaties

With a unique approach in line with TMForum’s TAM model, FCBS provides a modular integration framework to support applications such as CRM, Order Management, Product Catalogue and Finance Packages.

Carrier grade technology and performance with true convergence

With out-of-the-box horizontal scalability, FCBS is there to scale with Operator’s business up to “Five 9” availability to support tens of millions of customers

Integration Capabilities; Many projects and products fail to address Operator needs because they fail addressing the integration requirements. StarGate system can easily integrate with any GSM network element and VAS platform. With its unique design, StarGate can also integrate with CRM systems and any middleware products, in order to fulfill any low level provisioning action of the operator. In this way, it takes load off the high level business processes onto itself.

Carrier grade technology and performance; StarGate, having been already deployed at Tier-1 operators, provides a common platform for all provisioning needs including network and VAS platforms. With out-of-the-box horizontal scalability, StarGate is there to scale with Operator’s business with up to “five 9” availability to support tens of millions of customers. System can be deployed on Physical servers, Virtual Servers or can be deployed as VNF on VmWare or Openstack.

Stargate Provisioning System