i2i Systems is an international information technology company
that specializes in developing innovative ideas and solutions. With its highly experienced team in the Telecommunications industry it offers a diverse variety of products in Telco OSS/BSS domains, as well as 5G network solutions.


i2i Systems delivers Next Generation Converged Revenue Management solutions enabling CSPs to unlock new business models, mitigate competition, reduce costs, and quickly monetize new use cases. This is being achieved through systems that are fully convergent, cloud-native, API-first, interoperable, low-code / no- code and modular.  The offerings are highly scalable and support subscriber bases ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions, harmoniously. i2i Systems improves its experience and skills by adapting new technologies and investing in research and development to provide best quality, efficient and visionary products to its customers. In accordance with its disruptive vision, i2i Systems further invests in 5G core-network, offering an end-to-end integrated cloud-based BSS and Network solution for optimizing and converging Service Providers IT and Network landscape thus increasing efficiency and enabling new revenue streams.

Our Best Features

Software and Systems Development

Our products are built on the foundation of proven project management practices, reusable frameworks, and dedication to technological advancement. i2i offers significant vertical expertise in Telecommunications Systems and Services, as well as in engineering cross-industrial solutions.

Consultancy Services

provides its customers with consultancy services from the strategic thought process up to change implementation. In this context of intense change, businesses must always be prepared to better anticipate and react.

System Integration Approach

Systems Integration services of i2i enable clients to identify, develop and implement the most appropriate solutions to solve their business problems in a unique manner. i2i helps organizations for optimizing and streamlining existing operations where legacy assets are leveraged through developing end-to-end BSS architecture from the ground up.