FCBS Charging and FCBS Billing are two separate products that are integrated to work as an end-to-end revenue management solution.

FCBS is standards compliant, configurable and flexible Charging & Billing System which delivers both online and offline charging and revenue management functionality to Operators. Having been designed as two separate modules, the charging and billing applications can work independently as stand-alone solutions.

With its centralized balance management and spending control capabilities, it allows different cross product discounting methods across multiple markets, prepaid and postpaid products.

Adherence to standards

FCBS follows industry standards by 3GPP and TMFORUM assuring long term product life. The components are developed compliant with eTOM, SID and TAM frameworks.

Integration Capabilities

With a unique approach in line with TMForum’s TAM model, FCBS provides a modular integration framework to support applications such as CRM, Order Management, Product Catalogue and Finance Packages.

Carrier grade technology and performance with true convergence

With out-of-the-box horizontal scalability, FCBS is there to scale with Operator’s business up to “Five 9” availability to support tens of millions of customers
Online Charging

FCBS Charging System comes with a built-in Online Charging System (OCS), which supports Gy, Sy and Ro interfaces with the network nodes. Its flexible rating engine allows enterprise to use any information within the usage record for charging purposes. The balance management functionality within the OCS provides the following features:

Online Account Balance Management and Wallets functionality allows customers to manage many different types of balances (voice, data, monetary).
Promotion Packages enables users to access Private and Shared Balances.
Recurring Promotion Periods, where the period can be day, week, month or bill cycle, facilitates the balances to be renewed automatically every period.
Cross Promotional Discounts assists Marketing Departments to differentiate their offerings whereby the consumption of a particular type of event triggers a different type of event to become eligible for usage.
Community Promotions also grant customers discounts for usage within their assigned communities.
Carry Over functionality allows users to access the unused part of their packages in the following periods.
State of the Art Flexible Promotion Engine

FCBS uses a custom designed bucket functionality, where the Filter rules define which types of events will be accumulated in a bucket and Actions define the process which will be triggered when the accumulated usage hits a specified Threshold level. There can be any number of thresholds and actions defined for a bucket. Built-in actions within the system are;

  • discounts
  • notifications
  • crediting / debiting buckets
  • activating / deactivating buckets
Rich Product Offerings
FCBS support charging of a wide range of products in the telecommunications market:
  • Fixed/Mobile Telco services; Telephony, VoIP, SMS, MMS
  • Fixed Data Services; ADSL, Broadband (ATM, Metro Ethernet, Frame Relay)
  • Mobile Data services; 3G,4G/LTE, Wi-Fi
  • Event and Content based services
  • Activity based video services; PAYTV, IPTV, video-on-demand
Billing Capabilities
FCBS Billing is pre-integrated with the FCBS Charging product but can also be integrated with any other charging engine that supports TMForum standards. Currently deployed in Tier-1 operators, FCBS Billing provides the following out of the box functionalities:
  • Enhanced Recurring Charge Functionality, including pro-ration at the beginning or end of the period.
  • Commitment & Penalties (both Time Based and Revenue Based)
  • Billing time discounts on different charge types
  • Monthly payment plans (instalment)
  • Carryover of Commitments during Bundle Package Changes (Upsell/Downsell)
  • On-Demand Billing
  • Split Billing
Having worked with different telecommunications operators and service providers around the world, we are aware that customizations are needed in the billing process to cater for the requirements of the local regulatory bodies. Taxation and Finance reports are only a few of these functionalities that would require localizations. In FCBS, we offer tax category differentiation based on product, service or account level, and other tax rules can be incorporated into the billing process based on the unique requirements.

FCBS comes with built-in Accruals, Deferrals, Billing and Payment reports that can be used for Accounting system integration. The Account Receivables Module of FCBS also includes;

  • Payment Processing
  • Deposits
  • Write-offs, Doubtful Debts
  • Late Payment Fees