5G allows CSPs to renew their service offerings and use cases, leverage their business models, and monetize to differentiate themselves from the competition.

5G Use Cases

i2i Converged Charging System (i2i CCS) is ready for unlocking 5G monetization and provides a unified platform for converged charging across multiple markets for and all prepaid, postpaid and enterprise customers.

i2i CCS

i2i CCS complies with industry standards; 3GPP and TMFORUM, a cloud-native, carrier-grade platform with real-time rating and service control. It provides the essential Charging Function (CHF) acts as an interface to 5G Service-Based Architecture, registration into the NRF, and linkage to CCS core functions. 

i2i CCS also includes a diameter gateway interface to support and monetize existing Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network.

i2i CSS