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i2i Systems is an international information technology company that specializes in developing innovative ideas and solutions. With our highly experienced team in the Telecommunications industry, we offer a diverse variety of products in Telco OSS/BSS domains, as well as 5G network solutions.

We are looking for a talented operation specialist to join our experienced development team. Fill out the application form if you’re a motivated and driven person who seeks the opportunity to advance in the telecom sector!

Operation Specialist Job Opening (Hybrid)

Operation Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Providing Level 2 – Operation support of responsible applications
  • Analyzing the database and server logs in order to manage the solution process and to provide feedback to all other stakeholders
  • Planning the new releases of the applications, organizing the relevant teams and ensuring the management of the process
  • Participating in project meetings as the operations phase leader and ensuring that the desired operational demands are met
  • Grouping the problems, recording them and create necessary alarms on the applications
  • Analyzing applications at the operational level and taking action to improve them
  • Reporting the work log to managers, teams and customers when necessary
  • Documenting the business processes of the applications, preparing operation documents and sharing them with the team ensuring that the documents are kept up to date
  • To review all processes that can be monitored for 24/7 monitoring of applications, to create cases and to make definitions through the monitoring tools provided to the teams to monitor the applications, to have them made and to manage them by keeping them updated
  • Giving feedback to Level-1 teams regarding routine process management, frequently asked questions, and providing transfers by organizing training when necessary

Operation Specialist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in computer science, mathematics, engineering, statistics or science departments
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • 2+ years of experience in the field
  • Knowledge of database concepts, Oracle RDBMS is preferred
  • Intermediate level knowledge of SQL or PL/SQL
  • 1+ year of experience in knowledge of Unix/Linux systems
  • Experience with monitoring tools such as AppDynamics, Grafana, DynaTrace, Kibana
  • Took part in software deployment and release management processes
  • Managed Defect & Incident using Application Lifecycle Management tool
  • Have experience in automation of operational processes
  • Have basic knowledge of project management and SDLC
  • Ability to work well as part of a team as well as on individual projects
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • No restriction to travel abroad in a professional capacity
Please feel free to send your CV via email to, even if the specific position you are seeking is not currently listed.

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