TmForum Certification Results

i2i TMForum Certifcations

Outstanding Contribution to TMForum Assets Catalyst Award

The Aviator Project is a candidate for Outstanding Contribution to TMForum Assets Catalyst Award.

i2i Systems has launched the integrated mobile solution for Fizz

i2i systems has launched the integrated solution for Mobile, including prepaid online charging, finance (i2i OCS), and provisioning (Stargate) solutions for Fizz, Canada.

Getting Ready for 5G

i2i Systems proudly announced that it successfully demonstrated its 5G SA Core and 5G NSA Baseband Unit in a live show held in İstanbul and Ankara at the same time.

SmartODI is live in production at Turkey’s two biggest banks

The companies are automizing their DWH ODI code writing with our SmartODI development tool within seconds.

Connecting Continents with 5G

Turkish Mobile Operators Connecting Continents with 5G

Another Critical Milestone has been reached at Turk Telekom OCS Project

The second phase of OCS has been successfully delivered.

Sucessfull swaping Dynamic Data Masking Tools to CopyCat-Live

Copycat swapped world leading software.

TM Forum Catalyst 2020 – ‘The Aviator’

The Catalyst, ‘Aviator’ championed by AT&T and BT, with participants, i2i Systems, Cango Networks,MYCOM OSI, Oracle Communications and Wipro, demonstrates how complex, multi-partner 5G services can be designed and mapped to slice types that can be ordered in a few clicks.

Videotron Launches Helix TV Platform

i2i FCBS Charging, Billing & Payment, and Meridian Mediation systems launched successfully for Videotron’s Helix TV and Internet service.