i2i Systems Continues to Empower its 5G Products!

i2i Systems continues to strengthen its products in the field of 5G and offer innovative, comprehensive and competitive solutions for different sectors. You can learn more about the solutions offered by i2i System by watching the demos made by our team at MWC 2024 Barcelona.


  1. “Private 5G in a Box (P5GiB)” Demonstration


i2i Systems, Redhat, KCCTech and BTI Wireless and implemented and demonstrated low cost private 5G in a Box (P5GiB) with i2i’s 5G Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs) on Redhat Openshift Platform. Our partnership simplifies end2end 5G deployment with a focus on flexibility and enhanced security with cost-effective, scalable, and enhanced technologies.


What Does “Private 5G in a Box (P5GiB)” Offer?

  • Reducing the overall cost of ownership makes 5G technology accessible to a broader range of businesses.
  • Simplified deployment processes enable quicker and more efficient network setups.
  • Scalable solutions allow businesses to expand their 5G capabilities as they grow.
  • Enhanced security features ensure that businesses can rely on safe and secure communications.

2. “Disaster Recovery with Distributed and Redundant 5G Core” Demonstration


i2i Systems, RedHat, TechMahindra and Rebaca implemented and demonstrated the disaster recovery scenario with i2i’s 5G Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs) on Tech Mahindra’s Multi-Mode Companion Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS. In case of disaster or similar access interruption, geographically distributed, scalable and redundant 5G Core CNFs provides high availability and service continuity. Our partnership helps Telcos to manage 5G Deployments across Hybrid Cloud with secure and consistent communication via a centralized orchestrator and integrated automation capabilities.


3. “Observability of 5G Core via Open Telemetry” Demonstration


i2i Systems, Red Hat and Ddosify implemented and demonstrated the observability of the 5G Core stack easy and effective with the utilization of Open Telemetry (OTel) data derived from i2i’s 5G Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs).

Our partnership provides valuable insights with efficient data collection. It is possible to quickly troubleshoot issues, optimize performance and enhance overall application reliability.


Key Takeaway/Value Propositions

  • Efficient Performance Monitoring: Realtime CNF performance data harvested by OTel.
  • Easy Fault Management and Troubleshooting: Realtime Root Cause Analysis with Real Time CNF Data
  • Easy Integration to Observability Tools: Simple Time Series Data Ingestion/Export.
  • Flexibility and Language Support: Multiple Programming Language Support for Instrumentation.
  • Centralized Management for Observability: Leveraging ACM Hub Cluster Concept for OSS Centralization.
  • Standardization and Interoperability: OTel is CNCF project for making observability opensource.


4. “Orchestration & Management of 5G Core CNFs” Demonstration


i2i Systems, Nearby Computing and NextNet implemented and demonstrated how to easily deploy, manage and orchestrate 5G Core. Our partnership aims to revolutionize the landscape of 5G deployment.

The solution provided by both companies stands out as exceptionally versatile, capable of deployment across various environments including hyperscaler infrastructure, private clouds, and on-premises setups. Its scalability is a key advantage, offering customers the flexibility to start with a lightweight solution and seamlessly expand to support a multitude of connected devices.

Furthermore, the focus on streamlined Day-0 deployment and automated lifecycle management underscores a commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By significantly reducing operational time and minimizing expenses, businesses can potentially realize substantial savings.

In summary, the combination of flexibility, scalability, efficient deployment, and automated management makes this solution highly attractive to a wide range of customers, regardless of their infrastructure requirements.

i2i Systems Have Collaborated with Tech Mahindra, Red Hat and Rebaca to Help Telcos Manage 5G Deployments Across Hybrid Cloud

i2i Systems’ 5G Core Network on Tech Mahindra’s Multi-Mode Companion Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS can be used to create a redundant 5G core network to help drive high-speed, low-latency connectivity. Abot, Rebaca’s cloud-native continuous test assurance and analysis solution for 4G, 5G and ORAN, can execute 3GPP-compliant test scenarios and analyse real-time KPIs from different layers of the network.

“By combining the power of Red Hat OpenShift as a trusted foundation for hybrid cloud applications with Tech Mahindra’s leading services and cloud orchestration tooling, service providers will be able to more quickly and easily support a full spectrum of network use cases on combinations of on-premises, private and public cloud scenarios.” said Honoré LaBourdette, acting senior vice president, Global Telco and vice president, Telco, Media and Entertainment Partner Ecosystem, Red Hat.

“Our Multi-Mode Companion Cloud solution, seamlessly integrated with Red Hat OpenShift, is poised to revolutionize the landscape. This groundbreaking solution empowers service providers with a streamlined approach to managing the entire lifecycle of network workloads on hybrid cloud.” said Manish Mangal, Global Business Head, Network Services & 5G, Tech Mahindra.


Click to read: https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/red-hat-and-tech-mahindra-enable-greater-hybrid-cloud-flexibility-telco-workloads

Strategic Partnership Announcement: i2i Systems & Ddosify

We at i2i Systems are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Ddosify, an innovative open-source company, in Application Performance Testing, Monitoring, and Tuning platform solutions. This alliance is set to revolutionize the way we enhance the performance and reliability of our 5G and OSS/BSS solutions.

Elevating Telecom Solutions Together:

  • Superior Application Performance: Leveraging Ddosify’s comprehensive platform, we aim to significantly boost the performance, monitoring, and tuning of applications within our telecom solutions.
  • Unmatched Reliability: Ddosify’s advanced testing capabilities will ensure our networks are not just faster and more reliable, but also capable of delivering superior service quality to our customers.
  • Innovative Integration: By incorporating Ddosify’s state-of-the-art platform into our offerings, we’re not only enhancing current services but also paving the way for future telecom advancements.

Why This Partnership Matters:

Our collaboration with Ddosify marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to providing exceptional telecom services. Ddosify’s focus on Application Performance ensures that our solutions are optimized for the best possible user experience, reflecting our dedication to innovation and quality.

What’s Next:

As we move forward with this exciting partnership, we’re eager to showcase the enhancements and innovations that will emerge from our combined expertise. This is a significant leap towards redefining industry standards and delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

Stay connected with us for updates on how this partnership will continue to unfold and shape the future of telecom solutions.

🚀 Together, i2i Systems & Ddosify are setting new benchmarks for excellence in telecom.

i2i Systems Signs TMForum Open API and ODA Manifesto

i2i Systems Signs TMForum Open API and ODA Manifesto

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